Irene Thorn's Dear Jane Quilt

Featuring 169 blocks of 4.5" square, this quilt took Irene over 3 years to complete with most of the blocks being hand stitched. Shown here on display at Langford Church as part of the Exhibition of Flowers and Quilts June 2012, it has also been on show  at a special 'Dear Jane' exhibition in France.

Irene Thorn, proudly displaying her Dear Jane Quilt at the Langford Exhibition of Flowers and Quilts 2012


The quilt has now been finished and is now on its way to France to be presented in a prestigious exhibition featuring Dear Jane quilts.


On the 14th April, Robin, Finnegan and myself set off for the Eurotunnel and France. We had a slight panic

on Saturday on the way to Nantes as the security light in the van suddenly flashed on. After a frantic search we final-ly found a garage still open, but unfortunately our French goes back to schooldays and the mechanic didn’t speak English. After lots of shoulder shrugging and head scratching, we decided to take the plunge, turn off the engine and remove the key. Robin’s worry was that the error message which flagged up meant the key wasn’t recog-nised and we may not be able to restart the motor and we would be stranded until Monday when the service gar-ages reopened. Thankfully the engine restarted no problem so we went on our way once more - Robin minus even more hairs on his head.

After this minor hiccup, everything seemed to go smoothly. The camp site in Nantes is almost like camping in Re-gents Park. It is in the middle of the city with a tram stop outside. Brilliant!

On the morning of the exhibition we set off to catch the tram into the city. Slight hiccup again - the ticket machine refused all our cards. However non deterred, we paid with cash and carried on into the centre. Once again, our cards were refused at the entrance. We were now rather worried and imagined that our cards had been blocked for some reason. The entrance fee now took most of the ready cash we had available so no spending allowed. I began to think that Robin was in cahoots with the banks to stop me buying anything. We eventually found that the system had gone down that morning so everything was alright in the end. Just no opportunity to spend.

The exhibition was enormous. It was in a beautiful building and was over three floors. All in all there were 110 Dear Jane quilts on show from all over the world. Sadly Brenda Papadakis was ill so she was unable to attend, but two of her friends were there in her place and they were very keen to talk about Brenda and her enthusiasm for this particular quilt. I had a wonderful time wandering around getting ideas for future projects in spite of the lack of ready cash.


 Above: Irene's finished Dear Jane quilt

Below: Other Dear Jane quilts on show at the exhibition



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